WooCommerce Bookings Tutorial: Create A Booking Website With WordPress

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Full Tutorial On The WooCommerce Bookings Plugin/Extension. Learn how to create a booking wordpress website with this tutorial. I cover most of the options with this woocommerce extensions.

First, we talk about how to create a booking wordpress website with the woocommerce bookings plugin. I go step by step to make sure you fully understand it. I

This is a wordpress plugins and you must have woocommerce already installed for this plugin to work. First make sure to download the wooocommerce plugin, its a free plugin. Than purchase the plugin from woomill.com

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WooCommerce Bookings And Appointment plugin, WooCommerce Appointment Plugin

45 Comments on “WooCommerce Bookings Tutorial: Create A Booking Website With WordPress”

  1. .and then on top of that..you got too many plugins for everything…why not bundle things into functional site templates and sell that as a package?…too confusing

  2. Hi Daryl, good plugin but bloody confusing. Hope you read this comment but l doubt it, how can you restrict a booking to a single day? Ive tried various combinations but it wont seem to work…..it's just blank when l publish it.

    Can you shed some light on this?

    You’ve taken the very easiest of things to show on your video but need to get it to work in a real life situation.

  3. Hi thanks for the intro but I'm facing a problem. When I make the rooms in resources how can I assign the number of people staying in that room? for example, there can't be staying more than 2 people in a double bedroom.

  4. Hey Darrel, I noticed with the accommodation add on, you only did using one person… I have tried using more than one person and it keeps saying "this block is not bookeable" …how can I solve this?
    If anyone has a solution I'd appreciate

  5. Hi Darrel, hope you see this comment. Doing a booking product. I want the product to be available every monday at 7PM. No matter what I do, when I view the product and select Monday it displays both 7PM and 9PM as options. My block is set to a 2 hour block, as it's a 2 hour class. I've set the Availability Range from 7PM to 7PM. What am I missing? Is there a way to make this only have a 7PM class every Monday?

  6. Sir nice video but my customer was to get access to hea customer detail on he's cellphone when customer books he have application installed in he's phone so what can I do guide me thank you

  7. Hi sr, I would like tu use this booking plug in but my website wont be building with wordpress, but simply in HTML5, I wonder If I need to change my website to a wordpress?

    And I wonder if I use wordpress I can use HTML% , I don’t want to use themes, I want to being free to design as I want.

  8. Hi, Darrel. Woomill doesnt reach, can You sell me booking plugin, You are talking about (not expensive from Woocommerce)? Or maybe there is some other site, selling cheaper booking plugins for Woo? Thank You.

  9. Hi! Please, advise how we can we accomplish the following feature. if the guest booked the room, class or something before 3 days the service start, then it will show "on request basis" and the guest will sea the yellow colors on the calendar.

  10. I found this tutorial in my desperate search for the backend function of this plugin. Where is it. If I get a call at the reservation desk for a room booking, I can't even enter a customer without creating a user in WordPress – Seriously. Maybe the developers should look into how a hotel reservation works.

  11. WooCommerce Bookings is a disaster plugin for a business with multiple employees. It would only be good for a one person business. First off there is no reporting. You have to go into the admin every time and view two different areas to see all the details (if they've paid vs. what they scheduled it for). There is no option to email you what has been bought or scheduled. I did buy a plugin for email followups which helped. What is really frustrating is customers call me asking what they booked for. When they signup, they do not get the details for what they signed up for. There is so much wrong with the back end of this program its awful. It looks great on the outside but on the inside it is hell. I might as well manually do it myself as it would take less time. One more warning, if you buy woomill you do not get support from woocommerce. Some of the products you setup do corrupt and you have no choice but to recreate them and then manually add in the previous bookings. f*&k woocommerce bookings.

  12. Hi Darrel, as per your suggestion, on this video, i purchased the woo booking plugin from woomill, but its not working at all….!!! i asked for help from them, but all in vain, no support no good response, instead they are asking my admin login/password ???….i doubt, if its a fake…

  13. This tutorial was so very helpful, as was your tutorial on Stripe. And thanks for letting us know about WooMill! I would not have experimented with WooBookings if I didn't find it so much cheaper on WooMill. Thanks Darrel.

  14. Hey guys,
    I would like to use this for an accommodation site.
    I see that I can black out specific dates, but I can't figure out if it's then still possible to book a stay over those days. So, I could block the 31. December and the 1. January but potential guests can still make a booking from the 30.-02.
    I need to be able to block check-ins and check-outs on specific dates but still need people to be able to stay over those days. Is this possible? Thanks!

  15. Hello Darrel, thank you for the tutorial!
    I don’t know how to add the customer name on the booking o reservation if I do it manually, also if the customer book online there is no option for them to add their names!

    I’m trying to build a page for a playground where people can book parties and reservation, but I need help to register their names!

    Please help me

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