What's New in AppCode 2017.1

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Learn about new features of #AppCode 2017.1:

★ Better #SwiftLang support 0:09
★ Override/Implement improvements 1:05
★ Create from Usage for Swift types and initializers 2:22
★ Emoji support 2:55
★ Support for //TODO, //FIXME and //MARK comment tags in the Swift Structure view 3:26
★ Mixed code 4:06
★ Ability to filter Build Messages 5:15
★ Changes for breakpoint behavior 5:38
★ Find In Path improvements 6:10

#ios #iosdev #iosdevelopment #refactor

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4 Comments on “What's New in AppCode 2017.1”

  1. Mr Nash, you certainly seem to knows your onions! May I ask whether there are decent AppCode -based soup-to-nuts tutorials (books/videos) for noob iOS/MacOS developers? I'm an experienced Ruby and FileMaker(!) developer, and am comfortable with OOP and so on. But it looks like I am going to need a big set of training wheels for this particular bicycle …

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