VB.Net – Sort Listview by any column

Steps to sort vb.net listview by any column (dates, ints, string or doubles)


Public Class ListViewItemComparer
Implements IComparer

Private col As Integer
Private order As SortOrder

Public Sub New()
col = 0
order = SortOrder.Ascending
End Sub

Public Sub New(column As Integer, order As SortOrder)
col = column
Me.order = order
End Sub

Public Function Compare(x As Object, y As Object) As Integer Implements System.Collections.IComparer.Compare

Dim returnVal As Integer


‘ Attempt to parse the two objects as DateTime
Dim firstDate As System.DateTime = DateTime.Parse(CType(x, ListViewItem).SubItems(col).Text)
Dim secondDate As System.DateTime = DateTime.Parse(CType(y, ListViewItem).SubItems(col).Text)

‘ Compare as date
returnVal = DateTime.Compare(firstDate, secondDate)

Catch ex As Exception

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