Updated Brow Tutorial (for thin brows)

This is a long overdue eyebrow tutorial. I only use a few products to create my natural-ish #Brow look and I hope that you can follow along and create a routine that works best for you when filling in your brows.
#Eyebrows #Browtutorial

Products Used:
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Sigma Flat Definer Brush E15- *
The Brow Gal Gel-(CLEAR) -*
The Brow Gal brush w/spoolie-*
LA Girl Pro Concealer (Chestnut)-*
Elf Eyeshadow Primer-*
Black|Up Eye Pencil (MS04)- *


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SIGMA Brushes…

30 Comments on “Updated Brow Tutorial (for thin brows)”

  1. Hey Val, Sephora had the Black Up products on clearance, check it out, hopefully they still do.
    Great brow video too; I've used your trick using shadow primer to keep my brows in place for years now. Love ya', peace!

  2. My right brow is higher than the left, so when I clean up the right brow, as I go along the top with brush I slightly press down with the brush and it helps make them look more even.

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