Unity3d iOS Plugins – How To Extend Our Unity3d iOS Bridge For iCloud Save And Load ?

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Unity3d iOS Bridge or Plugin series shows you how to create an iOS Plugin for Unity where I walked you through the initial creation and today I am happy to bring you a new feature for saving and loading data from iCloud.

The source code shown in this video can be downloaded from:

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3 Comments on “Unity3d iOS Plugins – How To Extend Our Unity3d iOS Bridge For iCloud Save And Load ?”

  1. This is the Best YouTuber ever he is really kind and actually helps his subscribers out, pls subscribe to him he deserves more!! Only thing that was not clear to me is will the code remains the same if u use int or bool instead of string and does it matter where u put the 'required entitlement' in Xcode (I'am trying to learn objective C/Xcode) lastly, if the int score = 1 in local and = 2 in iCloud how do u use the method: NSUbiquitousKeyValueStoreDidChangeExternallyNotification to let the user chose between 1/2 (local/iCloud) I think this feature would be amazing for a lot of people since there are many App Store games that can be played offline.

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