UNITY 2017 – Text To Speech Android – [C#][Tutorial][Android] Part 1

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UNITY 2017 – Text To Speech Android – [C#][Tutorial][Android] Part 1

This video will show how to make android Text To Speech with google translate, using WWW class to download the audio

and if you get an error when play on your android device, look at the part 2 of this tutorial

link :

I’ll try to upload new video every week, so stay tune on this channel and keep alive

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  1. after investing a lot of time web scrapping in unity , every audio is given certain kind of unique id tk=900.808080 eg . so we need to input the require text to audio in google translate ,then check to find the translate link related to that specific audio .through web developement of mozilla , (local storage management ) and use that link , i think google wants to privatize their voice api in unity hence so much restrictions , problems to us passionate developers XD.

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