This gaming phone is CHEATING!

Thanks for watching my Nubia Red Magic Mars review. For $400 the value you’re getting in terms of performance and camera quality probably can’t be beat. Not even by my Pixel 2 XL!


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18 Comments on “This gaming phone is CHEATING!”

  1. This video turned out to be hell to finish – there was an audio drift error that could not be completely resolved without re-shooting a third time, and a couple weird single-frame cuts to a-roll that would not be worth a third re-render to fix. But I still hope you enjoyed the video!
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  2. As soon as i seen the title saying "Phone-Cheating" I instantly thought it was going to be a Huawei phone.😂🤣👍
    Now I've seen you review and what it can do etc.. I'm defiantly keeping it on my to buy list. Thanks for the #Mobucation 😍👍

  3. I would say the Android version of Dolphin hasn't been fully optimized, but also most of the work for it was done on Nvidia hardware, like the Tegra series. So it's pretty slow on everything else. Some games work and some don't. But yeah, if Vulkan is supported use that, because OpenGL ES is a hot mess on mobile.

  4. Thanks Brah, its nice to still see you on here. When you left working for Freedom! You were looking for gameplay recordings, are you still looking for footage? I am still very willing to help

  5. It's a really good review, but damn it sounds so shilly (for me) plus who the heck play games on their phones ? especially competetive ones… Or did I missed something ?

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