The State of CSS

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The memes have not been kind to CSS over the years. Remember the gif of Peter Griffin fighting with the blinds, captioned “CSS”? It has a reputation of being unwieldy and hard to use. But how much of that is still true today? Things like preprocessors have helped to hide some of the unpleasantries of CSS and APIs like flexbox, grid, and Houdini have come a long way to help make development easier.


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7 Comments on “The State of CSS”

  1. Wanna know a sad truth about why css is hard?
    Cause "A certain browser" is still around, forcing a lot of people to not use awesome features because of "A certain browser" 's support.

    But nobody is to blame for that, since the only way to prevent people from using "a certain browser" would require a lot of websites not supporting it against their own interest.

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