Terraria But It's Actually Building A Massive Aqueduct

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We spend 4 hours building an aqueduct through our terraria world. Oh boy.

#terraria #smp #multiplayer #spikeviper #build

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24 Comments on “Terraria But It's Actually Building A Massive Aqueduct”

  1. What's up with that jump cut? You were at 100hp and a copper pickaxe, then suddenly you're at 400hp, adamantite pickaxe, surface mushroom biome. What did you cut, like the entire game?

  2. I think i subed cuz of your city skyline videos, Idont know. I though you where kinda good at it, but the way you butchered teraria and just acted dumb is cruel to watch. sorry man but im going to un sub.

  3. I drain the water before i even chop a tree down and by drain i mean i let it go all the way to hell and build a base in heaven using the clouds and build a nice little water elevator. This was years ago though so i'm honestly not sure what has changed and what's been added.

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