STEALTH – ARMA 3 Pro Tips and Tricks Gameplay Commentary

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STEALTH – ARMA 3 Pro Tips and Tricks Gameplay Commentary! Shedding some light on my thoughts about ARMA 3, as well as giving out some tips on improving your game when playing it.

Funny Arma 3 moments:

Funny Arma 3 moments EP.2:

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39 Comments on “STEALTH – ARMA 3 Pro Tips and Tricks Gameplay Commentary”

  1. If we talk about sound:
    Your Intro is waaaay too loud.
    2nd: sourround sound? stereo is as good in hearing where those shots came from, and cheaper to get, then those wannabe gamer headsets. i prefere my akg studio headspeaker.

    Whats the name of the conquest game mode, are there servers up?

  2. Can you do a PVE tips and tricks? For instance if you get shot at by NPCs, drop to prone, low crawl away just a couple feet, the AI will lose you. And you can low crawl up to them within about 10 feet before they see you.
    Also, 3rd person hip fire while laying in the grass where you can't see to get a first person shot can be VERY accurate and they can't see you. So you can just lay down with a 7.62 or better and hip fire head shots (by hip fire I just mean not using sites) from a few meters away or further, whichever you choose.
    These are VERY helpful tips for killing AI when you're surrounded or don't know where the shots are coming from or you just don't have cover or concealment.


  3. How did you get the HUD display on the bottom left which shows health fatigue etc coz that's the only issue I have that I never know how fatigued I am or what my health is

  4. Lets pretend for a second that the Xbox 720 could run this title, even if it could, there would NEVER be enough buttons on a Xbox 720 Controller for this game to function in any way correctly.

  5. Hay guys I'm having a problem launching arm a 3 it always gives me arm a and then a bock screen and after that nothing happens plz help me PS:I installed the game from a cd not from steam help me

  6. My headset, made by the rather well known turtle beach, have a fuction called "expander" its a button on the in-line controls which emulates very realistic surround sound through delaying the sound frequencies between the speakers in each ear i believe, although its not true surround sound, its damn close and i can tell you now for only £40, my counter strike awareness went up so damn much after just plugging them in.

  7. So, this game is simulation and most FPS players are used to COD, perhaps battlefield where you can easily dispatch any other player within two to three shots, when the characters are displayed to be wearing near to full body armor. This seems more realistic, personally i haven't tried shooting another person to death with a pistol, but with bullets of that caliber and body armor, i'd think it would take more than a few shots to the body, some shots depending where aimed may not even penetrate.

  8. Fair point, they're 9mm pistols.
    It's infuriating trying to kill anything with a pistol other than at about 2 meters where you can unload a whole magazine into an enemy without worrying about recoil.

  9. These guys have body armor and i doubt the pistols are high-caliber, though i haven't played the game myself yet so i don't know what kind of handguns are even in the game. You gotta aim for the head 😛

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