Simple PHP Strategy Game Update

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This is just an update to the main tutorial series. It’s been a long time! I am back and will be trying to push out new videos for this series as well as making other games.

I have the source code links below if you wish to use the source code:

Game SQL File:

Game Zip (with SQL FIle):

5 Comments on “Simple PHP Strategy Game Update”

  1. Cope, the main things that make a RTS game be a RTS game are: Soldiers and the map. Where is the map? And the time till units reach the enemy cities?
    If its instantly its an MMo, not an RTS.
    Can you make at least the map? please 🙂

  2. I used your tutorial to get a grasp of the php and mysql. Since using the tutorial I have gained a lot more knowledge of the basics. I have added a mail system. A forum system and admin and mod login system. So again thanks for the tutorials.

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