Roller Puzzle Splashy [2019] ? – Endless paint color maze Splat. Best new Android Games

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Addictive endless puzzle game. Roll and splash over the color endless maze. Roller Splash – Endless color maze

Slide your screen to move your ball Rolling around the endless maze. Clear all the paint to complete the level. Addictive puzzle game, with infinite levels where you will need to be Smart to complete the level, the difficulty grows up on each level!

With a clean, funny and beautiful design, you will get fun just sliding one finger in your screen. Use your mind to complete the maze! Splash on the paint, absorb it!

Roller splash is perfect for casual players and for kids, because it is easy to play, very intuitive, and you need to be Smart to complete the levels.


– Unique and infinite levels
– Relaxing and addictive free puzzle game
– Totally free
– Clean and beautiful 3D graphics, with a lot of color
– Easy to play and intuitive

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