PyQt5 Tutorial 10 – PyQt QBoxLayout Class | PyQt5 BoxLayout

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Welcome to this video on PyQt5 Tutorial. In this video We will see How to use PyQt QBoxLayout Class . so we will see how to use grid layout with our First PyQt5 Application. Qt a cross-platform C++ application development framework. Qt is Widely used to develop GUI programs, in this case also known as the Department Toolbox. Qt Can also be used to develop non-GUI programs, such as controls Desk tools and servers. Qt is a free and open source software that is looser in GNU Published under the terms of the public license. All versions support a wide range Compiler, including GCC C++ compiler and Visual Studio. PyQt is one of the GUI programming solutions for the Python language. PyQt Can be used instead of Python built-in Tkinter▪ Other alternatives include PyGTK, wxPython, etc.▪ Like Qt, PyQt is a free software▪ PyQt is the foundation of PyKDE.

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