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Problem on Ages Tricks in URDU Hindi | Ages Problem Short Cut/Concept/Formula |problem based on ages| CSS PAS PSC NTS KPPSC FPSC SPSC BPSC SSP SP | DSSSB, ALP, CTET, Bank PO|

Hey Everyone! In this video we are going to learn how to solve questions on ages in mind. This video will show you the way how easy is that to solve long questions in mind. This video covers #Concept and #Trick.

Now get ready and throw your notebooks in your drawer. You are going to be a champ after that.

What we have covered.
1. Concept
2. Short Cut Trick to solve problems
Quick Tips and Tricks
If the current age of a person be X, then
– age after n years = X + n
– age n years ago = X – n
– n times the age = nX
– If ages in the numerical are mentioned in ratio A : B, then A : B will be AX and BX

Points to Remember:

– After reading the question, assume unknown age by some variable x.
– Convert the statements in the question into mathematical equations.
– Calculate the unknown by…

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