Pochoir printmaking tutorial, Mesa Arts Center David Manje. Jpop anime manga art, DIY prints

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Pop culture TV host and journalist La Carmina – – visits the Mesa Arts Center to learn pochoir printmaking from David Manje. Using stencils cut in Goth-cute shapes (like hearts and Scottish Fold cats), they layered the Jpop forms on plates, and cranked them through an etching press. See how the various generations resulted in anime manga prints, from hard edged to abstract.

*** For FULL instructions about this DIY printmaking process, see the Video category of LaCarmina blog:

Video hosted by La Carmina –
Song: Spacebirds (Creative Commons license via archive.org)

*** See her travel TV hosting and journalism work resume / biography at:

*** La Carmina is an experienced travel, art, pop culture and fashion TV presenter; bio below. She’s appeared on major network shows worldwide, including Travel Channel “Bizarre Foods,” National Geographic…

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  1. This is a nice video…fun. But this technique is not pochoir. Pochoir is a stencil method, meaning that ink goes THROUGH the holes cut out of the matrix. The matrix itself is not inked up for pochoir. Traditionally, artists/craftsmen would use thick round flat headed brushes to dab ink through the holes of the stencil. That is what Pochoir is. What you are doing here is more like relief printmaking.

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