PIXEL ART in Photoshop (Tutorial)

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Learn how to create Pixel Art in Photoshop!

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41 Comments on “PIXEL ART in Photoshop (Tutorial)”

  1. To those of you saying that you should always use PNG over JPG in this case: You are completely right! JPG can cause compression artifacts and is meant more for photos.

    Apart from that, hope you enjoyed the video! 🙂

  2. This video is really cool, but do you need to resize the image of the mushroom to use in a game? Does it distort the image as photoshop usually does with resizing an image that is too small? Photoshop is raster-based, I mean.

  3. Hey Brackeys great video on making pixel art but I think a lot of people use stuff like Gimp and inkscape to do there game art in. I like many use perffer open source software. Any chane you could aim some of the tutorials towards using those types of software I mean your already using Unity. I dont use adobe or have a need for it on a regular bases. So to pay for it every month over and over is just not an option. I have a full time job that takes up a lot of time every week so I end up not using Adobe

  4. I'm having an issue where scaling my image size cause the pixel art to distort (i.e., pixels become placed where I did not place them, and it messes up the art), but I'm doing what you are showing us from about 6:46 on … any idea what might be going on?

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