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Perfect Skin Makeup Tutorial
Foundation Routine
Base Routine


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Fresh Rose Face Cream

Smashbox Primerizer

Loreal Lumi #920 Glotion

MAC C2 Face & Body Foundation

Glossier Dark Skin Tint

Tarte Undereye CC Cream

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer

Hourglass Veil Translucent Powder

Kevyn Aucoin Medium Sculpting Powder

Marc Jacobs Tantastic…

30 Comments on “PERFECT SKIN MAKEUP TUTORIAL 💫 | In Depth & Talk Through | allanaramaa”

  1. I just found you, and you're the kind of MUA I look up to. Awesome work! enhancing, not masking. In addition, I also have veeeeery dry skin and my eye shape is very similar 🙂

  2. I prob look like a psychopath commenting 3 times Haha, but what are those earrings you are wearing and where did u get them??!! I must know! ❤

  3. You can apply stick foundations in sections, and use your finger to dab it into your skin. Just takes longer, but makes the foundation melt into your skin perfectly 🙂 Fingers are better and anyone I have asked who had flawless makeup, said they used just their fingers and hands, and now that's what I do, and it makes a huge difference, and saves money!🤓👍

  4. I found your channel today. I just want to say that I appreciate that you actually show your skin and don't use blurring filters like other youtubers. You are stunning by the way, and you have such beautiful skin. I will be binge watching your vids. I saw your hack video and I also use deodorant under my boobs. As gross as it sounds, that sweat starts to leave a gross smell, and I use the degree spray, and boy does it work!

  5. Very thoughtful and informative, and looks great. One thing – I've always wondered what you'd look like if you put your cheek products just a liiiiiittle bit further up. I feel like it would lift your face a bit. Any chance you'd do a "taking annoying commenters advice" video (since I'm sure you've gotten plenty of unsolicited advice). Or, do you have an example of cheek products applied higher up?

  6. One of my favourite skin-finish foundation concoctions lately has been a mix of the Marc Jacobs Perfecting Coconut Face Primer and Mac’s Pro Longwear Concealer. Sounds like an odd mix but is super glowy, melts into the skin so beautifully- thanks to the primer, and is surprisingly buildable- thank you pro longwear! My perfect sheerness has been 3 pumps of primer and 1-2 pumps of concealer depending on how much coverage I need. Worth a try!

  7. That truly was the best most informative tutorial I have and I've been watching them for a couple of years now unfortunately this is the first time I've come across your Channel but I loved every minute of your really took the time to explain everything really well and I've been wanting someone to do this for a long time and I love the way &the amount of makeup you've used &ive lots of tips that aim going to deffently try myself so thank you for that !!!😘😘😘😘

  8. 😜Try the CLARINS SOS primer in color peach. It hydrates smoothes, blurs, adds a glow & evens skin tone! It works without peeling up & Great 4dry skin.TRY Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting touch makeup base, it smooths hydrates & blurs. I Put the Instant Smooth perfecting touch Lotion/Primer on 1st Then SOS Primer on 2nd. It Works & Looks Great using both But the SOS primer is Beautiful by itself. SOS PRIMER IS THE BEST!!💜Heather

  9. I love you so much and you are gorgeous. but I truly believe you apply your bronzer and blush too low on your cheeks. I would recommend to go a bit higher on the cheeks! not wanting to be mean… just being honest from a makeup artist point of view!

  10. I love how you explain makeup. I 100% love base makeup more than eyes. I love playing with eyeshadow when I am going out, but I feel like if you have a beautiful base you don’t have to do crazy eyes. I’ve also found that when I Focus on my skin and just play up my eyes a little bit I get more complements. Not that I need complements, but they’re nice.

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