Mortal Kombat 11 – Terminator Tips & Tricks

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Terminator is here, and its time for his tips! As always covering a wide variety of subjects, and a lot of harping on how important his pressure is, because it is! So learn it!

0:32 – Special moves
4:44 – Notable normals
10:41 – Destroyer
14:27 – Dark Fate
19:14 – Final Judgment
22:26 – Which variation is the best?

24:10 – An important note on back+2
26:18 – Shotgun is more important than you think
30:34 – Frame advantage and jailing all day long
34:10 – Tick throws
35:11 – Grenades 101
41:25 – Run cancels
45:20 – Easy tackle krushing blows
48:01 – General gameplan
51:38 – In closing


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29 Comments on “Mortal Kombat 11 – Terminator Tips & Tricks”

  1. Here we go, Terminator tips! As always timestamps in the video description if you wanna skip around. Terminator is about pressure, pressure, pressure, and hopefully this guide will help you understand the many avenues terminator can go down for his pressure!

  2. Thanks for the in depth guide! I didn’t know he had so many plus frame situations! Any tips on executing the Albi Back Breaker? The inputs are incredibly hard to do consistently.

  3. I like dark fate but destroyer is just all around better against the roster. Dark fate can get zoned out hard while destroyer can, as you mentioned, low profile counter zone and lunge across the screen which is huge.

    In match ups where you don’t get zoned then dark fate is better, like the mirror for instance. Being able to lunge across screen, be safe on block, then d1 and try to Jail into a decent combo or if they block you can mix them up with either the low or short lunge again.

    Also being able to get almost 40% mid screen for 1 bar is no joke lol

  4. Literally one of the best Arnie tutorials on YouTube, I've been loving Arnold since release!!! I use his 1st variation cuz and the 50/50's are insane!!! Only I wish is that they buff the startup on his shotgun, it's really slow.

  5. I'm relatively new to mk11 and had some questions. What's the timing for canceling 1 2 1 into a special most times it just does the 3rd hit and stops or does then 2nd then shotguns

  6. If only command grabs in this game where just a simple qcb then I'd play him as fun as he is he not for me cause of that, I'll play someone to be optimal as possible it's a real shame

  7. The quality of this guide is outstanding. You have a new subscriber. I thought the dark fate variation was crap and everyone will use destroyer because of its shallow learning curve, so I was gonna learn the 3rd variation.

    Not only did you show me dark fate is crazy good, but also that I was thinking about using the 3rd variation in a completely ill-suited way. Kudos.

  8. You actually can jump out of the grenade setup unfortunately. I would agree that Dark Fate is the best (or at least my favorite) variation, if only because the Albi Back Breaker is so much better than the Gorilla press slam (mostly animation-wise), but I do like all of the variations and I think all of them on paper are strong. I just think he struggles with one big issue universally: he has no fast far ranging moves. He has fast-ish moves in stand 1 and back 3, and he has some okay range in forward 3 and forward 4, but the fact that his moves are either slow or stubby really kind of hurts him imo. Great guide though! I did learn a good bit from this, especially the jailing with the shotgun, I didn't think about it too much before.

  9. I messed around with the Terminator's Shotgun reset in the lab! I'll be sure to utilize it after his 121 and b31 strings in the first two variations, as I like to try to use fast normals when I'm up close! ^^

  10. Been playing as the 3rd variation and getting really mad about "Why the hell aren't my grenades coming out???" and then I watch this and feel stupid lmao, didn't know they had a cooldown

  11. There is no reason for that d3 to be a low lol and Frost d3 has a similar animation and is mid. NRS favoritism shows so much with this character ???

  12. Dark Fate os his best variation by far IMO. The only problem is the execution. It will take some practice to get it down. He has more krushing blows, high damage, and a legit restand that the opponent HAS to block.

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