Minecraft Castle Keep King Hall Fort Tutorial Video

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In this tutorial we are tackling the long requested Castle Keep / Kings Hall / Fort for Medieval and Rustic Minecraft builds.

This is a build you have been requesting for a long time now so why not just do it and build us a cool looking medieval castle/keep/king hall/fort so we are able to defend ourselves from all the horrors that creep around the Minecraft world at night.

The Schematic for this medieval Castle Keep is available for download here:

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28 Comments on “Minecraft Castle Keep King Hall Fort Tutorial Video”

  1. Hi guys. So sorry for being away for so long. I'll explain everything in the video and with a more extensive post on facebook so have a look there to know more about it. Glad to be back with a brand new system to work with. Enjoy the castle keep 😉

  2. Where is this to be placed in the villiage? I was thinking that space on the second layer, behind the church, but I don’t want to put it there if you have other buildings to add to the villiage. Are you doing any more in this villiage? Because once I’ve done the school and library, I’ll be finished, and there’s nothing on the left side on the second layer. I’ve loved building this! Thank you.

  3. Man not only are your builds genuinely very creative and awesome-looking, but you put so much time into making it look nice, counting the blocks, and keeping it detailed. I hope you get some more activity in the future because you do a great job!

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