Mercedes W211 E class Bi-xenon projector replacement retrofit tutorial (AFS headlight)

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Mercedes W211 E class Bi-xenon projector replacement retrofit tutorial (AFS headlight)

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0:11 Remove the clips, screw and rubber and heat the headlight
1:30 Pry the headlight open
2:00 Remove the reflective insert
2:15 Remove the Bi-xenon projector unit
2:35 Remove the projector from the holder, it’s possible without removing the sensor. This will prevent problems with the alignment afterwards.
3:08 After the new projector is mounted, connect the ballasts to the bulb and mount the AFS projector unit again

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31 Comments on “Mercedes W211 E class Bi-xenon projector replacement retrofit tutorial (AFS headlight)”

  1. Hi m8. Amazing work again. I wana ask a question to you. I installed a projector to my w203 2001 c200. It was halojen h7. I bought projectors from online. Before installiation i tested projectors they was working good. After installiation i released that the light is bending from sides and the cut side is blur.
    Could this problem stem from the crystal headlight glass? My headlight glasses not clear nor transparent. They are old school iced glasses.

  2. Vous farler Français
    Si oui pouvez vous me dir si dans le prix que vous proposer a environ 140 il ya les deux projecteurs et le cable que vous rajoutez dériere lempoule?

  3. Hi! Great work!
    I learn on your video how to take of xenon from the headlight. Im now putting all together. Can you tell me what is the start position of the active xenon ? Left right or centre? On both of them the same?
    I see on your video at 2:58 that the bulb its turned to left, but Im not sure if you didnt move this when you removing lens from this plastic. please let me know, im cannot find this in internet.

  4. Hey guys, I emailed the retrofit lab but I didn't get a straight answer, so I was hoping one of you might know.
    Will the EVOX-R 2.0 fit the w211? I have the factory bi-xenon with afs.
    In this video they are using the 1.0.

  5. What are the 2 silver modules on the bottom? One is a HID Ballast & the other??? My factory HID on my 2005 E55 AMG doesn't work. Igniter is good, bulb is good, so I'm thinking I need one of those two modules under the whole light @ 0:17

  6. Hello, fantastic work you do. Question; At what temperature and time do you leave the headlight in the "oven" ?, or are you simply checking when it releases ?, does the temperature affect the components of the headlight ?. Thanks and regards

  7. I have aftermarket projector headlights for a 2006 C230 (w203) I'm pretty sure they are just cheap DEPO knock offs and have crappy projector lenses. Are there any retrofit options for this?

  8. i did this to my rx8's headlight on the highbeams,but the positioning and angle of the light is not visible,night driving is hard seeing that the high beam projector doesn't focus on the road,is there any way to fix this?

  9. I have a technical question..: I had recently bought a D2S Led light bulb..want to install it to replace my stock HID Xenon D1S bulb…is it possible or the wiring will not match with connector rather than the holder type of harness…as I had been to many forms ..confused that some w211 uses D2S and other use D1S apart from standard H7..can you please advice

  10. Did you had to bake the whole headlight to remove all the parts for retrofit?

    I'm doing a retrofit on my 06 E350 from halogen to E55 bi-xenon projectors with Morimoto hid kit. I heard you have to remove all the possible parts from the headlight and bake it in the oven to loosen up the glue to remove the projectors? I don't see anything like that here.

    Is there such an act or i can simply do the entire retrofit process without baking the thing? Baking the headlight just scares me a little…lol

  11. Hello, I see you have mentioned that these will fit e55 w211 headlights but will it fit my eagle eye w211 e350 headlights? And what kind of adapter should I buy ?

  12. Hi dear retrofits staff, i'm intersted to buy the bi xenon kit for my mercedes A class w169. I wonder if bosh al e46 for B class w245 fit's the same..

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