Meet ScreenReader – Screen Reader with Braille for Windows

Screen Reader enables people who are blind to access a computer through natural sounding speech or a refreshable Braille display.

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2 Comments on “Meet ScreenReader – Screen Reader with Braille for Windows”

  1. When i try to navigate with screenreader in some controls, screenreader takes it like the focus is not mooved but when i use other screenreaders it works just fine. i can't go to those controls with the dolphin currsor either. It is mainli this problem i have when i try to use screenreader in windows powershell or command promt. of this reason it can't read the text that appears in the command window. Just test screenreader and windows narrator in windows 10 and you will find out the problem yourself. You will find controls that narrator handles with no problem but screenreader handles it as it not exists. This bug can happen annyware in windows and there is always the same controls it happens on. it is always there and it never goes away.

  2. In my appinion supernova works verry well, however it has some issues. It is some controls in some windows 10 apps that supernova dusn't work in for example in some eddit boxes in skype and in almost all controls in the allarms and clock app. Another issue is that it dusn't work in windows powershell and commandpromt. except from that, supernova is working verry well.

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