Make Your Own Garage Door Screen – DIY Tutorials – Thrift Diving

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– Keep flying bugs out of your garage (or garage workspace) with this DIY garage door screen with a zipper! This video will show you how to make your own heavy-duty garage door screen for under $85 to keep out stink bugs, mosquitoes, bees, and other flying insects no matter what the season. This DIY garage screen door will last longer than cheapie ones you can buy online, and plus it costs much less than electric retractable garage screen doors such as the Lifestyle Screens or other expensive brands. This DIY screen for your garage perfect for the “everyday homeowner” like me that doesn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands to keep bugs out of their garage. 🙂

My garage door screen installs pretty easily with Velcro brand fasteners. I decided to install it on the inside door frame of my garage, but you can just as easily install your garage screen on the outside part of your garage. It’s simply preference. 🙂

Hope this helps to keep your garage free of…

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