Machine Coding Round Questions Part 2 | Web Developer Interview

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This Part 2 video covers the latest questions asked in Machine Coding Round of the Frontend Developer Interview. Video Part 1 Link –
These are the set of 5 questions and at the end of the video, I’ll also tell one more bonus Interview Question which you can practice to crack your upcoming UI Developer Interview.

In the last video in this Cracking the Frontend Interview Video series we covered all the tips and tricks, especially for Machine Coding Round. That video includes in depth tricks right from how to manage time, to writing better code which can impress the interviewer. Machine Coding Round is generally the first round in the interview and is the easiest round among all.

If you practice these 6 questions sincerely by writing code and following the tips and tricks which I mentioned in my last video. I bet, it would be very easy for you to crack the interview. These set of questions are the ones which I’ve faced myself while interviewing for…

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