Kerbal Space Program – So, You Want Me To Build A Space Elevator?

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So, I’ve had a few people suggest I build a space elevator, not all of them seriously I should add, so I decided to address this suggestion.

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  1. please what about the practical? Every non geo stat orbit must eventually crash into it. There no solution to this problem.

    Every other orbit crosses the equator twice per orbit, over time the path blankets the earth from some angle above the equator to the same angle below the equator. Just check out the ISS path as plotted over earth ? A huge band wraps around the earth, from south of Tasmania reaching north to London.

  2. So uh, everything you said was great and all, made perfect sense and what not, you explained it all quite thoroughly and well enough….

    But surely there is a space elevator mod is there not?

  3. Why did you fall straight down at 7:08? At that altitude, you would be traveling way faster than the required orbital velocity. You should have been flung out into space. I'm guessing that KSP just doesn't have it's physics working like that for launch towers. Perhaps it loads the entire structure as a stationary object. Even though Kerbin is moving, pulling the tower with it, at 82,000km away the motion has just not yet propagated out to your position. If this is the case, what would happen if you waited?

  4. In theory, if there were multiple space elevators protruding from earth, and they were all connected via infrastructure, what would happen to them? Would them all being connected screw with their ability to stay in orbit? Or would it cause the now artificial ring to spin, causing good lord knows what! Purely hypothetical of course, but I am curious as to what would happen to such a construct.

  5. Can you try again but place it on low grav worlds? Minmus? I think 1.3.1 is stable enough to change the physics distance to max. Also, using a pile of confined debris, it would be nice if somehow you could visualize the Roche limit. As we know, a single craft does not experience a difference in gravity. Using rigid attachment and maybe modifying the physics.cfg would probably help (break force & torque when using rigid attachment).
    But if you're not interested I could make a video myself in a while.

  6. I have a hard time believe we'll ever build a space elevator. Not that it won't be technically feasible, I just have a hard time imagining that we'll want to rely on something so vulnerable. One stray meteor hit and many many billions of dollars down the drain…

  7. What if you dont build it in 1 piece, what if you build diferent sectors controlled by robots, and dock them, shouldnt it count as a different construction for each section and also allowing to use the elevator?

  8. ill build a space tower in ksp ill have a central tower the platform around it ill illustrate

    it will have a mining station at the bottom for liquid fuel
    ill use ramjets liquid fuel function to escape the atmosphere
    here gravity is weak enough for me to use a lot of atomic nerv rockets
    simply dock at the top let go of your craft then undock and use extra fuel for landing
    dock at the bottom and mine ore to convert to fuel
    do it again

    reentry heat
    power for station
    debris in space
    falling wire

    a thermal control system (because heat shield won't fit around the pole in the middle)
    solar panels and a fart load of batteries
    move it off the ksc and up on the higher elevation of kerbin then move down after launch
    a lot of struts

    any other issues tell me!

    | | | | |
    / |

  9. A.C. Clarke has a really good space tether in Fountains Of Paradise. The easiest way to build this structure is to park a materials asteroid in geostationary orbit and build down to the ground from there.

  10. In Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, they have this design for a Space Elevator that's basically a big aircraft on a stick, which they use to crab cargo that's launched on a rail at high speed, and the whole thing is connected on a contraption in the form of a belt around Earth, if I recall. It's quite the fascinating design.

  11. imagine a ring (or HALO from the game) with the circumference of the ISS altitude or higher. what kind of gravity would it have? theoretically speaking it is strong to hold its shape. would it fall? could we build a giant ring then slow it down and use it to hold up an elevator? I WANT SCOTT TO TALK ABOUT THIS!!!

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