Journey to Javascript and CSS Animations

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00:55 – Started working with HTML, CSS at music school when having to build his website to present himself as a musician. Got into animations afterward, as the creative space in frontend development, he could thrive in.

03:35 – Making animations look lifelike: there are several tricks like the FLIP Technique (
💡In CSS you should always animate two properties: Opacity and Transform, otherwise, you’ll have performance issues and janky layouts 💡
⏱They should be short and concise: ~ 300ms ⏱

05:47 – When use animations? Animations are here to serve the purpose of directing the user to do something, a single focal point. Show them what they are doing, and confirm their action was taken into consideration. Anything that distracts should be removed.

09:00 – Learning about Animations: go to David’s series @keyframers ( where they create cool…

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