iOS Tutorial: How to Build an App without a Storyboard

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In this tutorial we will learn how to build an app without a storyboard. We will learn how to create the entire user interface programmatically and simulate an exact flow as if we had storyboards in our project.

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16 Comments on “iOS Tutorial: How to Build an App without a Storyboard”

  1. Hi
    When adding the tab bar in the appdelegate, I keep getting a black screen even though I'm doing it the exact same way as you. Any idea why would that happen?

  2. Did you put this on GitHub or similar open source project host? It could be helpful to navigate through, which would be easier than through a 23mins video when you forgot a part and have to search it back, which may also put strain on your network and your computer RAM.

  3. It would be great if you do a tutorial on how to use a 3rd part UI template to incorporate in one of your apps. I honestly hate designing the UI and suck at it; I just love to code. Anyways, great tutorial and super easy to follow!

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