Integrating Joomla with the PHP Community

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By Michael Babker

After nearly a decade of growth and development, Joomla! has proven itself as a strong and mature platform to build everything from the simplest of blogs to the most complex e-commerce solutions. However, this platform has its weaknesses, including the technical debt of a decade of development and often requiring Joomla or extension specific solutions to solve common problems. Enter the Joomla! Framework.

By extracting the API that has powered the Joomla! CMS since its birth into standalone and modular packages, we enable developers to use an API they are already familiar with to create standalone applications specific to client needs. This also enables developers to more easily consume code written for and shared with the full PHP community. Lastly, we are now able to offer the core APIs powering Joomla for use in Drupal or Laravel based projects.

There are golden times ahead for Joomla developers! We’ll take a look at how lowering the barriers to using and…

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