Implementation of Complex UITableView / UICollectionView in iOS with Declarative Approach

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In iOS App Development, We often need to implement very complex looking views with UITableView or UICollectionView. The problem is, unless we are too careful, our codes becomes pretty messy under the delegate methods and often becomes hard to manage and maintain.

So, in this video, I have shown a different approach to implement the UITableView/UICollectionView that can be really helpful to create, manage & maintain complex tables and collections. It is called declarative approach.

Though it is not very uncommon, mostly different popular Form Builder libraries in iOS previously made their API this way. But those are for mostly for specific purposes.

I have used a library called FlowKit in this tutorial. It’s from Daniele Margutti who has a couple of awesome libraries in iOS and I often use some of them on regular basis at my projects. FlowKit can be found here.

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