I can't believe PBS Kids aired this episode…

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They just don’t make children’s programming like they used to. Sorry for spelling your name wrong Isaac 😬

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45 Comments on “I can't believe PBS Kids aired this episode…”

  1. The only episodes I remember are the bleep one and the one where that kid had a bunch of moldy food in a fish tank, and I'm not even sure that one was in arthur

  2. I read a book in 5th grade with my friend that was an older level or whatever and it said faggot a lot and we didn’t know what it meant so we asked the teacher and he was so calm and just went oh it’s nothing it’s just slang. Idek like wut

  3. I knew it wasn't "fuck" but I couldn't figure out what it was! Fa** really does make sense! Wow! What is PBS trying to say?! They're obsessed with gay men lol It's like this is foreshadowing! If he said it to Mr. Ratburn I would of lost my mind since he suddenly became gay 20 years later!! Crazy!

  4. Well I'm watching this a few days late BUT I still love this video so much! lol I loved Arthur… And The Big Comfy Couch! So this video really hit me in my 90s kid heart in the best way! I can't believe how young you are, Scott! Makes me feel old as BEEP cause you're younger than my baby brother but I'm still leaving feeling like I figured out the world's deepest secrets.. Well you did for me but you get it!

  5. So in the intro of this video I was like “hmmm weird that I don’t remember this episode.” But as soon as the episode started memories came flooding back and I remembered it all. 😂😂😂

  6. If it were THAT word then the mother's explanation doesn't fit, the moral would be about name calling and discrimination. Nothing she says implies it hurts a specific group of people, just the people you say it to.

  7. Seeing early kid's shows like Spongebob Squarepants and Arthur is still bizarre and interesting to this day. Nowadays, most kid's shows are downpour family-friendly, inoffensive and too clean.

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