HTML Course – How the Web Works | Beginner's Tutorial | #1

You never coded before and you want to start with Frontend Web Development? Let’s dive into the amazing world of coding together and do our first steps in HTML in this tutorial video!


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17 Comments on “HTML Course – How the Web Works | Beginner's Tutorial | #1”

  1. You scared away half your students within the first 2 minutes of this video. How? By jumping right into the technical stuff. HTTP? GET request? Server and Response? Javascript, conditions and logic? Half your audience is already considering using Wix. I would suggest making one more video about a very simple webpage with an H1 hello world, a paragraph with a couple of links, an image and a background color, and "maybe" a click event to change the background color. Then append this new, very very very simple video to the beginning of this series.

  2. These two German guys are amazing in the sense that even when they take up a relatively old topic like Web dev, they are still able to make these series (which, btw they pronounce as "serious" ) appear interesting and engaging. Please keep up the good job. Wishing you all the very best the web can offer to hardworking and passionate teachers like you.

  3. Just saw this video and instructor for first time. I'm familiar with Max (have signed up to his course on udemy). But this instructor also talks and explains just like Max with the same familiar body language and voice inflections. For a second, I thought it was Max, but the voice is different. Brothers ?

  4. Great work .. Loving these content. I don't know if this is the place for requesting tutorials , but can you do a tutorial on using SVG in html . I have trouble properly scaling and positioning them in my page. It's a really confusing subject.

  5. Hi, I'm new to your channel. A really good explanation. I still wish you would explain the path to the server a little. An intro to DNS would have been really helpful. Thanks for the upload. Learnt a lot.

  6. Great start to your mini series.

    Would you be able to suggest an independent project for each episode you do? This episode was obliviously to short as you wouldn't be able to really develop much, but perhaps once you start in line styling or using CSS. Something like showing a screen shot of a page that we should be able to develop using what we have already learned in the series. I find it forces me to recall, research and actually understand what is taught in stead of just copying. I'm sure that commentators can help each other out if they run into problems. That way it wouldn't take to much of your time.

  7. Nice video, I must say. Keep it baisc and most importantly deep. Go as deeper as could. Share all that you know. Make sure that you go in depth of JavaScript videos also, just like Max does in his videos of front-end frameworks. Do cover ES6/7/8 as well. I expect this series to be the most deeply and widely covered.

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