How to use Lastpass Password Manager

Great overview on using a password manager such as Lastpass. This is a great way to store passwords for multiple websites.

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25 Comments on “How to use Lastpass Password Manager”

  1. hey i just downloaded lastpass on my three devices on laptop, phone and desktop .am i eligible for the free version? because on my phone it says that i am on a 30 day trial .how do i remove that so i am just using the free version. help asap guys thanks

  2. and… once this is done. I no longer need a password except my 'master password? if so how do I get to all my other accounts by just copy n pasting these pass words that look little like this *&^%3$8990h ? again thank you for your help n patience.

  3. Hi firstly thank you for your support. So, this system works by setting up all my accounts with my initial passwords to each account & then Last Pass will supply me with other passwords to go into my account. Sorry so confused on getting set up?

  4. Help !  When I try to get onto LastPass I get a window asking for an Administrators name, a Username &/or a Guest User name.  I believe the Username may work but when I get to the Administrator or Guest User categories I get the "window wiggle".  Please … someone ?

  5. I've tried installing LastPass several times over the last 24 hours. It does not appear in my extensions. Nothing, nadda,… WTF?
    I've got an Apple iMac, 2010 model, that can only run OS 10.9.5… Apple won't let me update the system. I am able to see the LastPass Installer and the Uninstaller but that's it.

  6. Can some one please advise me im being looked in to my computer day and night by the people who live in the same building These people are not professional hackers but some how see everything I look at on any given page I might be browsing to the point I have no privacy at all. Once I was typing a post comment on y tube and I could see for a few seconds a ghost page and then what I had typed was gone like as though one of them had intervened and deleted it. Would Lastpass solve most of my problems if I used a password for each site that I browsed on? Or does my situation require some Thing different. I've tried various routers and passwords but it still makes no different. They can also hear my conversations over the phone?

  7. thanks for this – having trouble with sharing – i shared the website access with my VA with his email but he cannot seem to access it – it is asking for a lastpass password – surely i dont have to share my password with him? this would defeat the whole purpose of getting this service – what am i doing wrong?

  8. Fast talking, which it seems all geeks do ;), is difficult for seniors or others who can't process the information quickly. I've used LastPass for quite a few years now, suffering, and I mean suffering, through the steep learning curve after you start using the program. HOWEVER, I believe it is THE best password manager on the market, and I have never had a site hacked since using it. I never save passwords to my browser anymore. In addition, I started using an anti-identiy theft program recommended by LastPass & get regular reports on my presence on the Internet.

  9. Terrible video: the most useful feature of a password safe is to the ability to generate a complex password and changing the password without having to do it myself. This wasn't discussed.

  10. Very user unfriendly program. Not $1 per month they want $2. I tried to download it on my iMac & Lastpass did not recognize my browser like they say here. After downloaded they require you to fill in each web address you want to log onto then it does not recognize it.
    Maybe this would work for a computer genus but not friendly for most users.

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