How to reverse a String in JavaScript Tutorial

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to reverse a string in JavaScript including a way to do it with using a for loop which is helpful if you get asked to solve this challenge at interview.

Whilst it’s not the most common of tasks to do as a Junior Developer, finding out how to reverse a string in JavaScript is handy to know as it introduces you to a few new concepts in terms of handling arrays.

But wait!? A string isn’t an array!

You’re right it’s not but unfortunately for us there is no in-built function in JavaScript which will help you reverse a string in JavaScript. For example, you can’t just call str.reverse() to get a reversed version of the string.

However, as you’ll discover in the video, arrays in JavaScript do have a reverse function available to them. So if we could convert a string in to an array (with each item in the array being a character from the string) we could then reverse it easily with the Array.prototype.reverse() function.

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