How to hit a FLAT SERVE (first serve solution)

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A BIG flat serve is an invaluable weapon to have in your first serve repertoire… but many amateur players are stuck just pushing the ball over and setting their opponent up with an easy return. Here’s the key to developing the flat serve you always wanted.

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9 Comments on “How to hit a FLAT SERVE (first serve solution)”

  1. At 1:13 you show the student the difference between his serves but a lot of the comments that were made are basically pointing out the difference between a deuce side serve down the T and a wide ad side serve. "Your arm is traveling over to your right" Yes of course it's traveling further over to the right when compared to the other serve, because he IS serving to the right. The difference is possibly 20 degrees or even more. The points made about his serve are absolutely valid and you can see he has improved. But please make sure when you compare serves it's from the same side and to the same spot (wide or T). It makes it way easier to see the difference and makes it easier for the student (and us) to understand.

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