How to Crochet the Daisy Stitch Better Version Tutorial

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Here is a demonstration of how to crochet The Daisy Stitch
This is a better version of the tutorial for

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25 Comments on “How to Crochet the Daisy Stitch Better Version Tutorial”

  1. I'm going to be making a flowery tank top for a spring look and I needed something that would encourage air flow as I wore it so this is a gem, thank you so much. So easy to understand with your explaination

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful pattern 🙂
    I think the petals remind me more of a pansy petal than a daisy.
    I enjoyed how you included the errors in your tutorial, I will attempt to make a cowl scarf from this tutorial. Again thanks for sharing,
    Tammy, Sydney, Australia

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