How to Create and Build a Page – New SmugMug Tutorial

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Intro: 00:01
What is a PAGE? 00:19
How to CREATE a PAGE? 01:28
How to BUILD a PAGE? 02:49
Adding & Arranging CONTENT 03:25
Adjusting Content Block Dimensions 07:04
Backgrounds & Fonts – Editing with THEMES 08:47
Editing the LAYOUT of a PAGE 11:09
Adding and Pinning Sidebars 11:42
Finishing Touches – Polish, Save for Later, Publish 12:32

A PAGE is a collection of CONTENT for display on your website – a web page – SmugMug website owners at or above the POWER level can create CUSTOM WEB PAGES to display on their sites. You can include any manner of available media on a PAGE; galleries, folders, text, individual photos, videos, slideshows and much more.

Utilize PAGES to present media and information for your guests and clients… some examples of common PAGES include personal and business profiles, rate cards, topical gallery and folder collections, instructional guides and selections of videos.

At any time during…

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