How to Create and Build a Page – New SmugMug Tutorial

Intro: 00:01
What is a PAGE? 00:19
How to CREATE a PAGE? 01:28
How to BUILD a PAGE? 02:49
Adding & Arranging CONTENT 03:25
Adjusting Content Block Dimensions 07:04
Backgrounds & Fonts – Editing with THEMES 08:47
Editing the LAYOUT of a PAGE 11:09
Adding and Pinning Sidebars 11:42
Finishing Touches – Polish, Save for Later, Publish 12:32

A PAGE is a collection of CONTENT for display on your website – a web page – SmugMug website owners at or above the POWER level can create CUSTOM WEB PAGES to display on their sites. You can include any manner of available media on a PAGE; galleries, folders, text, individual photos, videos, slideshows and much more.

Utilize PAGES to present media and information for your guests and clients… some examples of common PAGES include personal and business profiles, rate cards, topical gallery and folder collections, instructional guides and selections of videos.

At any time during…

29 Comments on “How to Create and Build a Page – New SmugMug Tutorial”

  1. I just signed up with Smugmug and found out that they offer no contact customer support. What is wrong with this picture? The website is not user friendly at all. I watched their tutorial videos but they do not help. I followed step by step and ended up not getting the same results. Stay away from Smugmug cause trying to create your own home page will frustrate the heck out of you. I am cancelling my membership and they better give me a full refund.

  2. I spent hours creating a nice web site for the Mr's business about 6 years ago.  The new smugmug overwrote everything.  Smugmug promises customization but note, they don't guarantee that you can keep it.  This is based on personal experience.

  3. For those, like me, who are really struggling to follow along with tutorials like this one, note that SmugMug has changed some of the key features referred to here. So when I went looking for the "Customize Site" menu item, I couldn't find it. Instead, I was presented with these three options: Page Settings, Content and Design, and Choose  New Site Design.

    I guessed that Content and Design was the option I wanted, and I was right.

    Then when I dragged Content Blocks onto the blank page and looked for the highlighted line underneath the Breadcrumb, I couldn't find it. Nothing I did highlighted such a line. Just releasing the Content Block did nothing. I got the message that I was supposed to "drag content into highlighted areas." But there were no highlighted areas. Total confusion. 

    I finally figured out that I had to hover my cursor over one of four arrows inside the Breadcrumb box and then release. I guess these arrows are a new feature since this tutorial was made. Once I figured that out, things went a bit more smoothly. It's like a puzzle box. You have to get your first Content Block in place relative to the placement of the Breadcrumb. Once you have that, you can then start placing your other content blocks relative to each other always using those four arrows.

    Plus, after I inserted my first Content Block, the entire menu system for inserting more Content Blocks disappeared! It took me a while to figure out that for each subsequent Content Block, I had to click on the + (plus) sign in the top right corner. This reopened the original menu. The tutorial doesn't mention that. 

    It also took me a while to wrap my head around the logic of the initial steps. You begin by creating the Page inside the Organizer. But in order to manipulate the contents of the page, you have to LEAVE the Organizer and go to that page in your actual site. And then you choose "Customize" from  the top, which takes you back to a level where you can manipulate the content. It's a strange path to take, but that's just the way it is.

    Plus, the tutorial says I have to be very careful to select the option to make changes on "Just this page." However, there's a big green banner across the top that clearly reads "Customize Site". So I'm confused about where I am and what I'm doing.  

    It is doubly confusing because it reads Customize Site "Copy of Smugmug", and that isn't the name of my site. But then I clicked on the "Settings" button just to see what it was, and I realized that this Customize Site banner wasn't referring to the site at all. "Copy of SmugMug" was the name of the DESIGN. So I end up very confused about what I'm working on: the design, the page, the theme, the site? I end up with a headache trying to figure it all out.

    If my intention was to just manipulate content on the new page I created, why did I have to exit the Organizer and go back to the main public site and then go back down into Customize Site? It would make more sense to me to stay in the Organizer. You create the Page there. Why not create the content for that page there? Why follow this tortuous and confusing path?

    Anyway, perhaps it all makes sense in the end.

  4. It is mind blowing to hear the negativity in the comments. Maybe it's just not for everyone but it's the best I have ever used and I've been with them for years. With every problem I have ever had they have helped me with. I just don't know what to say, other then slow down take your time build your friend base because asking questions among others who use it as well is helpful and use the beautiful SmugMug site to showcase your photos. Excellent Tutorial!

  5. Well, this demo got away from me fairly quickly in terms of complexity. As some others' I've been with SM for a few years now and I'm trying to stick with it but it isn't easy. There are times when I feel like having their team build me a website but it's simply too expensive. 

  6. This is the first issue that I have had with Smugmug.  When attempting to publish photos I am getting an error msg that reads.  (Can't update this collection)  the server was reset.  I'm not sure where to go with this.  Any ideas?  I am using Lightroom 4.3.

  7. I too find the Smugmug site nearly impossible to understand. The tutorials are only great if you already know how it all works. The do nothing to get a person to first base. And the so-called 24/7/365 help from a real person doesn't exist at all. That's a total lie. It's nothing but canned answers from a collection of FAQ's. Adios, Smugmug!

  8. Ive been with Smugmug for a few years now.  I am now looking else where to host my photos.  This is not only confusing for the customer but also he owner of the photo hosting page.  That and your prices are ridiculous.  Every year Smugmug raises their prices and makes more and more changes.  I can't tell you how much time i spend on the phone with my customers trying to explain to them how the site works.  I dislike the smugmug site.  If i were looking now i would stay clear from Smugmug.  There is much better for a more appropriate price.  Oh yeah, good luck trying to understand their costs.  They make money on this too from the photographer and is over the top confusing for everyone.  Smugmug you suck

  9. I too have some familiarity with website but I too am in the camp that is almost totally confused by SmugMug and I just don't understand their approach.  The tutorials are not helping.  galleries, pages folders, folders within folders – who's on first?   I suspect I will not renew.

  10. SmugMug support has always been helpful and clear.  I took the time to watch some of these videos and have begun to navigate the customizations on my new site and take notes to refer back to.  Screen shots (Skitches) are very helpful when taking notes too.  Thank you for providing this support.  I have learned that we need to be patient with change and ASK for help versus thinking negatively about a service!  Cool heads prevail…..

  11. I was thinking to move my website to SmugMug just because I like the shopping cart and photo labs. After my experience in the last two days of trying to build a site I am reconsidering. Talk about frustration. Your videos are not helpful. Your help questions answer nothing! My last website was so easy to navigate and build that I am finding this just a total waste of my time. Thank god it's free for 14 days because I do not believe I would want to waste my money here.  I was lacking a shopping cart on my site but after the SmugMug experience I think I will just keep it as is.

  12. Dear Smugmug, you guys really need to add in better support. Simply telling your customers things like " watch our videos " or " email our (so called ) helpful staff " is not helpful at all. With as much money as you guys make off of us why is it so hard to actually have a real person talk to us 1 on 1 ?..Lately you guys have just plain SUCKED !!!..We deserve better !!

  13. Salim – please email the support desk directly, I'm sure the heroes can get you on the right path – please don't post your email address out here, not a good idea from a security POV… 😀

  14. Hi Cindi – Sorry your finding this confusing – your galleries are still galleries — what used to be CATEGORIES and SUBCATEGORIES are now FOLDERS, orders of hierarchy – Please watch the Gallery/Page/Folder tutorial, that should clear things up – if not, reach out to the heroes help – at – smugmug dot com and they'll work with you. 😀

  15. Being a long time old Legacy Smugmug user, I have been quite apprehensive and unsure about transitioning/migrating to the New Smugmug…so different! These help videos have given me better feelings and ideas about the process and I hope to proceed soon.

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