How C++ Works | Compilation, Linking, PreProcessing | Build Process Explained | Video Tutorial

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In this C++ video tutorial you will learn how c++ works, pre processing, compilation, linking all the steps involved from writing a cpp program to generating the executable file and then running that executable file.

C++ is a general purpose programming language that we can use and write the computer programs.

The code written in any programming language is called as the source code and the code written using the C++ programming language is called as the C++ source code.

C++ source code is saved with .cpp Extension and .hpp extension.

you can write the c++ program by using the cpp standard library and external library( static library or dynamic library )

we directly can’t execute the code that we have written in the C++ programming language because as a programmer we can look at the code and understand what exactly is going on but the computers can only understand the code written in the machine language.

the process of creating an executable file from the source code is…

c++ tutorial for beginners

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