31 Comments on “Galaxy Tab S5e Official TVC: A lot more tablet in our thinnest frame”

  1. Samsungs motto is "Do What You Can't". So, can I use an S Pen and sketch and draw on this tablet? Or is this a feature for only the most expensive Samsung Tab or the cheapest IPad?

  2. It's like tab is the only technology in the house I mean the women can watch a movie on the TV and the girls and record on a phone or camera the can talk on a land line or smartphone so many options to choose from

  3. Is it possible to create digital paintings and illustrations like with the S4 with apps like Sketchbook? Is the tablet sensible to pressure and/or does it have an accelerometer for illustrations with the S Pen? That's the only feature I can't find a review about.

  4. Anyone else saw a reference from death proof of Quentin Tarantino? (3 girls, one brunette, one blonde and another black) and, of course, the music Chick Rabit. The camera in the beginning (woman walking) it’s a reference to jungle Julia walking in her house

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