Enzymes (Updated)

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The Amoeba Sisters explain enzymes and how they interact with their substrates. Vocabulary covered includes active site, induced fit, coenzyme, and cofactor. Also the importance of ideal pH and temperatures for enzymes are discussed. This video has a handout here:

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47 Comments on “Enzymes (Updated)”

  1. Maybe you can increase the video length by speeding up the the recording speed and animation speed.
    Then to slow the animation down just ask viewers before the video to decrease the replay speed of the video.
    This means you add more detail to the video. 👍

  2. what nobody seem to realize is what causes the enzymes to moved and what drives the binding process of complex molecules. i think i have figured out what actually happens. the secret as simple as to why we can read eeg signals from your skin. complex molecules produces voltages that gives other smaller molecules a lift by generating voltage induced transport. what seem impossible is when certain molecules can cut cromosomes in half like scissors. this would be impossible to understand as molecules propellig themseves without an engine to do so. the solution is that they themselves do not need an a engine but instead needs a voltage produced by another molecule that create a wave that this molecule can ride along. the complexity is more complex than this. if we think interference pattern of voltages, it all makes sense that the behavior of the molecules behave acordingly to a programming of the medium in such a way that there is a interference pattern of voltage potentials in the medium that propel around the individual molecules from source to destinations. what creates the pattern is signal or transmission molecules that is like holoemitters on the holodeck on startrek creating the hologram but creats a interference pattern of voltages instead. i do not try to prove anything here, i just got some brain storming goin on in my head that revealed this to me based on my currently vast knowlege in about anything even if my knowlege is far from perfect or errornous. this explains the holy grail of biology and would solve everything. the voltages are tiny like the ones on your skin. the waveform is like a sound wave modulating both amplitude and frequency as low frequency interactions. if you think my comment is useful, just make it open to suggestions to anyone you like, if not just ignore it.

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