Easy Method of Creating Animation Scene in PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial

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This is a short illustration of how you can use different effects and objects to create a nice animated scene in PowerPoint 2016. In this video, I have a used a few pictures of Leafs, a Tree and Animated Mountain Scene (GIF File) and a Walking Man to create a 2D Realistic Animation Scene.

Learn More and Presentation Download Link – PPT File :

How to Make Realistic Animated Walk Cycle in PowerPoint 2016 | The Teacher (Detail Explanation with Voice Over Narration

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34 Comments on “Easy Method of Creating Animation Scene in PowerPoint 2016 Tutorial”

  1. I love your channel, my last 2 PowerPoint assignments I received 100/100 points from using your creative effects because creativity is 35% of the grade. Thank you for sharing your abilities, you are appreciated.

  2. Wow…??….Super!!…Can you please tell me which version i mean which ppt are you using??…2013??..How to upgrade my ppt. Mine was old and I've been trying to update it but how??…So many features and animation options are missing in my ppt. Please tell me how to install 2013 version.

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