DooM49 plays CS 1.6?! Counter-Strike (tips and tricks)

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DooM49 plays CS 1.6?! Counter-Strike (tips and tricks)! how i got into counterstrike and giving out tips&tricks on how to be a better player or even a pro at css!
lol my parrot whistling in the background 😛

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  1. Im in 8th grade and i started when i was in 5th grade but at that point others had played for a long time so its hard wining if you start late

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  3. Now I'm 14 and I play from 4 years xD. This game is very cool, even if the graphics sux it's very addicting.
    It's also very hard in multyplayer mode since there are a lot of veteran players ,like me xD, and lots of cheaters:/

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