DJI Tutorials – Spark – Mobile Device Piloting

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Spark is so smart and easy to use that you can control it with just your mobile device. Learn the control basics with this helpful video.

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25 Comments on “DJI Tutorials – Spark – Mobile Device Piloting”

  1. BUYERS BEWARE: Check the reviews before you buy DJI products. You see on their website they don't allow reviews because they would be rated a 1 star by the consumers but there are other sites that show consumer ratings. Don't listen to these big reviewers like I did and purchase their drones, etc. You will soon find out they have the absolute worst customer service! I paid $200 for their extended warranty and it took about two months to receive my drone back and it was still broken, and they didn't even replace the propellers which were all cracked. The damage of my drone wasn't even much it was just the gimbal that needed to be replaced and that came back crooked and couldn't shoot straight film. Upon returning the drone a second time clearly stating they did not fix it the first time, they told me I would need to pay over $200 more to get it fixed. The whole experience was so terrible, I had to sit on hold week after week to hear if there were any updates on my drone since they would never send me emails or anything. There's too many similar products emerging to waste your precious time with these sub-par products.

  2. We absolutely need the Gimbal Pitch Tracking. Getting great video footage without being able to adjust the camera is impossible. Please respond to the other comments regarding availability for Android phones… unless it's there and I can't find how to enable it!

  3. The crucial 20 second segment of the video (i.e. from 1.10 to 1.30) , using the "virtual control sticks" is too rushed, unclear and not well illustrated. The video does not clearly show how the sticks control the drone. For example, the left stick apparently controls both vertical drone position and the "heading" (I assume the direction the aircraft is currently pointing). The right stick apparently controls the position in the horizontal plane, moving it
    away from you (up/down) or to your left or right (left/right thumb movements). Probably all this is obvious to seasoned drone users, but the Spark is being primarily marketed to new users, with no experience.
    The explanation of how to land the drone is woefully inadequate for the first-time user.
    It would be helpful to carefully and systematically show on the video the effect of the various stick and landing commands on the drone in the field. Finally, the video should explain that the first flight should be done in an open empty field, no wind, no obstacles, plenty of room, so the novice does not flush $500 down the drain in the first few seconds!

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