Cross Domain Development Kit | HTTP Tutorial

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Show the world your great idea for an IoT solution by using the XDK. This quick and professional prototyping platform has evolved continuously. It’s not just available to you as rapid prototyping tool, but also as programmable sensor node.

In this video Vanessa Serrano will walk you through the basic steps on how to send, get & post requests with the XDK from Bosch.

02:16 – How to Perform GET Requests with the XDK
07:23 – How to Perform POST Requests with the XDK

3 Comments on “Cross Domain Development Kit | HTTP Tutorial”

  1. Is this tutorial outdated? When I make a new project based on the HTTP template, I don't see the same code.. Please provide me with information.

  2. If on top of SSID and password your wifi connection requires a username, how would you program it in?
    I tried doing:
    (WlanConnect_Username_T) connectUsername = "xxxxxxxxx";
    But was unsuccessful.
    Help would be much appreciated!

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