Creating Sleek UI Animations in Adobe After Effects CC 2018


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you exactly how to create a UI (User Interface) animation using Adobe After Effects CC 2018.

These animations are useful when you want to showcase how UI’s are meant to be used, especially in video format. You can use them in your portfolio, to present clients with UI behavior, or to use them in video ads/introductions/commercials!

I’m assuming you have little to no experience with After Effects, so everyone can follow along.

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20 Comments on “Creating Sleek UI Animations in Adobe After Effects CC 2018”

  1. Wow……..

    Your video sparked a fire in my gitty up.. which led me to an idea

    I brought my own video ( based upon your design ) into an HTML document via <video id="whatever"></video>.
    I did not include autoplay or loop in the tag.
    It played just fine….

    I added <a class=""btn"></a> outside of the <video> tag.
    It's purpose is to pause the video on an event (hover,mouseover,mouseout,click…..).

    This is the current logic I am using, it doesn't work for me.


    Why doesn't this work?
    Any help on the reasoning behind this madness?!

  2. Ok so I get how you just make an animation. Is there a whole 'nother step in exporting it? To make it able to be used in an app? Or in an app, would they just hyper link the specific animation for whatever someone clicks on?

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