Creating Asp.Net Project using Boilerplate (Entities and Database) (Part 1)

This video describes how to make the first step to create project using boilerplate (Entities&Database)

17 Comments on “Creating Asp.Net Project using Boilerplate (Entities and Database) (Part 1)”

  1. For all those who are stuck on the add-migration intiall The word"intiall" is just a name since there are already migrations with that name just use "add mirgation intiall2" run it again.
    Then update the database again by using update-database.

    Refresh the view in the object explorer in SQL management and it should be there as this worked for me just fine

  2. after you added the book, author and category classes you went to a directory and you find text files contain some code for the classes you created , how did you get this files or code

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