Create Composite Images with Your Phone ft. Elise Swopes!

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Today we’re joined by Elise Swopes to show you how to create stunning composite images on your phone! Elise is a professional photographer, creative director, and image creator who built her entire brand and business using only her phone. Learn how she did it and how you can start using apps like ArtStudio, VSCO, and Lightroom CC to take the next step creatively and professionally.

Apps You’ll Need:
ArtStudio (or Photoshop Mix if you’re using an Android device)
Adobe Lightroom CC

**Download the Sample Images Here:

**Elise uses two images from paid stock image websites to create her composite. We’ve included two free stock alternatives that you can use to create a very similar effect. We’ve also provided links to the originals if you’d like to purchase and download the exact photo she uses in the tutorial.

Check out Elise’s PHLEARN PRO…

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