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Learning Commercial Real Estate – Pam Goodwin, Shelby Beckman – S1E4

CRE Terminology, TXDOT, Traffic counts and TCEQ
Pam explains key commercial real estate terminology, the value of the department of transportation website and how Brownfield Sites are great investment opportunities. Discussing everything from hand-written thank you cards to the national helium shortage, Pam reveals the importance of knowing the details.

1.What is a very simple action that fosters business relationships?
2.What is the minimum traffic count requirement for most national retailers?
3.Why is Party City closing 45 locations?
4.Your rent should be no more that what percent of your annual revenue?
5.What is the formula for the CAP Rate?
6.What is critical to write on the top of every Letter of Intent?
7.What is TXDOT?
8.What is a Brownfield Site?

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