CppCon 2019: Boris Kolpackov “Practical C++ Modules”

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Modules are merged into the C++20 draft which means we now have a good idea what to expect, functionality-wise. Tooling support is also not far behind with compiler and build system vendors making steady progress. So we’ve got modules, but what now? How do we start using modules in our projects?

The aim of this talk is to answer the “What (& Why)”, “How”, and “When” of C++ Modules: what are modules (& why do we need them), how to apply them to new and existing codebases, as well as when can we start the migration.

We begin with a brief introduction to modules (structure, partitions, header units, include translation) and their relation to other physical design mechanisms (namespaces, headers, libraries, packages). We will also get a basic understanding of the underlying build…

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