Compiling SFML 1.6 with Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition

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A short how-to video.


Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition –

c++ compiler

33 Comments on “Compiling SFML 1.6 with Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition”

  1. Please don't waste your time with SFML 1.6. It has not been maintained for years and contains many bugs.

    Switch to SFML 2. Even the latest Git revision is more stable than 1.6 in terms of bugs and API stability, not to mention all the new features that have been implemented meanwhile.

  2. Thank you mate its the second time your video helps me installing SFML, I wish they could have made an easy tutorial like yours – cheers!

  3. I'm still having some issues getting this working – but THANKS @akaKitchen for taking the time & effort to put up this video – it made it much clearer to me the process of what needs to be done 🙂

  4. Thank you very much for uploading this. I was wracking my brain trying to set up a project using SFML. The tutorial on the SFML website omitted some key steps, and I was getting linker errors. This vid cleared it up. Thanks.

  5. @PICLex huh why u asking me lol.
    basically this video explains how to rebuild sfml to work with the new version of visual studio.
    you just have to be careful to do the linking for the sfml libraries right in each project.
    yeah you can use the test project as a template.
    but if you wanna use other sfml features like graphics or network
    you will also have to add their respective libraries

  6. @eternity899
    Yeah so we have to do this for every new project (the c++ setting up part)? Or i guess we could just use the test sfml project as the template for future sfml projects??
    Thx for the vid aka

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