Coding Challenge #62.1: Plinko with Matter.js Part 1

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Welcome to Part 1 of the Plinko Coding Challenge! In this video I create a plinko simulation in a HTML5 Canvas using the Matter.js physics engine and p5.js for drawing. In this first video, I create the overall structure of the program and set up the physics engine.

?Part 2:
?Part 3:
?Part 4:

Links discussed in this video:
?What is Plinko?:


?Physics Engines:…

23 Comments on “Coding Challenge #62.1: Plinko with Matter.js Part 1”

  1. Anyone know what package or keybinding he uses that spaces the line out real nice when he finishes typing? it gos from var a = (i*5) +p; to a = ( i * 5 ) + p; when he finishes the line

  2. I'm trying to do Plinko in Processing but I just learned from you videos. I'm stuck half way through and am going through this series again to see if that helps me 🙂
    PS. The Coding Train (Dan) ~ I think you are to hard on yourself sometime, I love ALL of your videos. Even when you mess up, because you make this sooooo fun. Thank you my friend and teacher :).

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