Cameras Focus Modes Explained: When to Use Continuous Auto Focus, Single Auto Focus or Manual Focus

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Cameras Focus Modes Explain: When to Use Continous Auto Focus, Single Auto Focus or Manual Focus

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24 Comments on “Cameras Focus Modes Explained: When to Use Continuous Auto Focus, Single Auto Focus or Manual Focus”

  1. Hello! Sometimes when I try take full body portraits I always end up with top part in focus but the legs become blurry especially around the feet, Can anyone please Help me!

  2. This was great. Could you do a video explaining Single Point AF and Spot AF. I have trouble focusing on my horse or dogs when they're running (mostly across in front of me) so I must be using the wrong one but I'm getting the same result with different modes.

  3. Hey. I shoot beauty videos and I am so stressed out how my the camera doesn't focus on the product I am holding. I have to half press the button for it to change from ME to the Product. Is this normal or Is my canon t7i having problems? I am used to filming with a Samsung s7 so I dont have to change focus, the phone automatically does it for me. Maybe I'm just used to it. What do you think?

  4. Sup man! I started photography few months before, I searched on interet,youtube pro like u! Dammn your video are so good,so simply explained and its so easy to understand everything, "perfect in 3shoots" helped me alot!! And afcrs all your video too! Keep going !

    P.s also I want to hear from you info about "FOCUS POINT" WICH one to use ?

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